Wednesday, October 06, 2004



08/26/2004 - Name: Erin - Description:
I love CHOCOLATE!! Especially when its in my house! I met
this sexy ass chocolate mama at the starbucks on the beach last week. I
was walkin and I noticed that she wasnt wearin any undies! And she was lovin
it!!! Opend up legs just beggin for me to get in that! I walked up on her,
and kickd a little game at her, and after a drink I got her back to my pad!!!
Oh my, its been a while since Ive hit some dark meat!!! She was sooooo sexy,
and all she wanted was straight up FUCKIN! Im Down for that!




09/02/2004 - Name: Liza - Description:
Get ready for the MILF of the year!!! I met liza while I
was cruising the mall, and she was shopping… As soon as I saw her,
I knew it was ON! I kickd some game at her, and she told me that her kids
were with their father for the weeknd, and I was like, lets go chill out,
and relax… she was down, and as soon as we got back to the place,
I saw her get DOWN!... she was definitely a freak of the week… she
fucd the piss out of my Johnson…




09/09/2004 - Name: Felishia - Description:
Kids beware… I am on a tear for blondes… If ur
mom has blonde hair, Im goin to get that! I tell you… I really didnt
care, until I met felisha. She actually was droping her kids off, when I
saw her. I started over to her, and then kicked it into HIGH gear! She told
me she had like 2 hrs, until the kids were supposed to be back, so we had
to get it on quickly! After me crushin her gutz for an hour, she didnt even
remember about her kids!





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09/20/2004 - Name: Amy - Description:
MILF, MILF, MILF, MILF… is all you should be chanting!
Because as soon as u see this weeks Milf… U will know why I am world
Famous! I saw Amy outside the Chucky Cheese, smoking a cigarette…
and I knew that she was in need of some good ACTION! As soon as I cruised
up on her, I knew there was something special about her, but when she suggested
that we go somewhere, and ran inside to give her kids some quarters for
video games, I knew I was in for a TREAT!



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10/04/2004 - Name: Angie - Description:
Horny Latina


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